Saturday, November 23, 2013

Vintage Jewelry

One of the reasons that people read blogs is because of how often they are inspired by something that they see. Whether it's a recipe to try, a book to read or something to buy I am always being introduced to something new. One blog image that inspired me was this one by a girl who was really into vintage clothing, bags and jewelry.

I fell in love with this bracelet:

I had never bought vintage jewelry before but she posted several pictures of the bracelet and I found out that it was a Monet piece and started searching for it. One was available at an online vintage jewelry store for $300 but I was sure that I could do better than that. Three weeks later I owned the bracelet, having purchased it from eBay for $6:49 including shipping and had found a new addiction!

I now have a small obsession with buying vintage jewelry on eBay. Sometimes I know what I want and will check in once a week or so to see if one is available and sometimes I just find something through random good luck.

Here are a few items from current eBay auctions:

Tassel Necklace

Pearl Bracelet

Finding (and winning) just the right item is a very different experience than buying something new. Try it, you too may discover that you have a vintage jewelry addiction!

Have you ever been inspired by something that you read on this blog? 


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