Friday, November 8, 2013

Nail Polish

I like the idea of buying only one brand of polish. It's so much easier to keep clean and organized if they're all the same size. Just pick your favorite brand and then stick with it.


Every season I fall in love with the latest Chanel nail polishes. There are just so many gorgeous colors.

This collection is available for a limited time for the holidays.

Wouldn't you be happy if you found it in your stocking?

The set includes ten polish colors : Ballerina, Frenzy, Particulière, Distraction, Holiday, Tentation, Dragon, Provocation, Vamp and Black Satin.

I have built up a collection of Chanel polish over the years and keep them lined up at the back of my dressing table. They make a little pop of color in an otherwise neutral space. 

Some of my favorites are :

Black Satin  *  Vertigo  *  Lotus Rouge  *  Vamp

Provocation  *  Blue Satin  *  Paradoxal

Pearl  *  Frenzy

Rose Caché  *  Frission  *  Ballerina

I usually shop online at The price is the same as in stores, shipping is free, and they kindly offer you samples. Your order arrives in a small black drawstring Chanel bag to keep everything in. Nail polish in a Chanel bag has been my go to birthday gift whenever one of my children is invited to a girls birthday party.


Burberry only recently started carrying nail polish. You may have seen it mentioned in Vogue a couple of months ago but then of course it was totally sold out and you couldn't find it anywhere. Having decided that it would make a perfect stocking stuffer for my daughter I kept on looking and voilà it's back in stock.


Beautiful colors, beautiful bottles, great price - what more is there to say?

What brand of nail polish do you prefer?

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