Saturday, November 30, 2013


My family loves fairisle knitwear. Living in the South it rarely gets cold so we don't actually need very many winter pieces of clothing but we can't resist the charm of fairisle. Plus, they're great for our annual ski trip.


Ralph Lauren


J Crew


For the preppy on a budget eBay is a great resource for fairisle sweaters.


Friday, November 29, 2013

Friday 5 Favorite Gadgets

It's been quite a while since I did a favorite gadgets post and I have 5 simply amazing items to share with you.

This is the reason that I am blogging again. I used to use our Apple desktop, while the other members of my family all had laptops. A couple of years ago I got an iPad and that was the end of me actually writing a blog. An iPad is fantastic in many ways but as an entertainment tool. I found it too hard to actually compose a post on it, so just ... stopped. Last month I decided to buy myself a laptop, and chose the 15" Macbook Pro. For two reasons, firstly because of the graphics and secondly because as a stay at home housewife I really don't care that its a little more cumbersome, I wanted the bigger screen. It's been a big hit because within two weeks of my getting it, my 16 year old daughter upgraded her 13" macbook pro to the 15" too. She is the editor of her schools yearbook this year and as soon as she saw how much better the graphics were on mine she wanted one too!

Simply Human Trash Can

Nothing dates a house more than not keeping up with technology so if you've been in your home for 5 years on longer then you may want to check out the new trash cans that are on the market. This one by Simply Human is amazing.

Bissell Hard Floor Vacuum

This vacuum actually gets the crumbs that seem to collect at the edge of your baseboards.

Shark Sonic Cleaner

Promises 1,000 scrubs per minute! Say hello to very clean hardwood floors. (But it terrifies poor Milly.)

HP Officejet Pro 8600 wireless printer

We recently upgraded our home printer to this wireless one, and boy are we glad that we did. All four of us have laptops and it just makes life so much easier.


Thursday, November 28, 2013

Kate Spade Sale

Don't wait for Cyber Monday, there are some great deals to be had this morning! 

Shop the Kate Spade sale here.

Happy Thanksgiving


Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Signature Drink

Everyone knows that James Bond prefers a Martini. And that the girls on Sex and the City drink Cosmopolitans. What about you, do you have a favorite alcoholic beverage? Or do you order something different every time you go out?

I like wine or champagne with my meal, but prefer to start (or end) my evening with a cocktail.

During my twenties I was a gin and tonic girl. During my thirties I was busy with babies so a night out was such a rare treat that I usually took the time to read the drinks menu and started experimenting with different cocktails. That lasted for a few years but then one night I ordered a G&T and that has pretty much been my go to drink ever since.

Several new gins had been introduced onto the market during my hiatus so that now whenever you order it you are always asked which gin you prefer. I was determined to know the answer to this question so tested a few. I had long been a fan of Bombay Sapphire, went through a small Hendricks phase but then quickly settled on Tanquery 10. It was introduced in 2000 and is the only gin that includes fresh citrus which may be why it tastes so delicious since I prefer to add a slice of lemon in my gin and tonic anyway.

I have noticed that many American bars and restaurants use their soda gun when making my drink so have learned to request bottled tonic to avoid being served gin and soda.

Do you have a signature drink?


Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Custom Items

There is nothing more fun than having something made just for you, or more thoughtful than having something made for someone else. Sometimes it's as simple as adding a monogram or having an item of clothing tailored to fit perfectly, and sometimes it's as big as ordering a piece of furniture or custom cabinetry for a new kitchen.

Here are some different items that you can have customized:

Custom Furniture
One of the reasons that I love Ethan Allen is because you can customize their furniture. Like one of their chairs? Pick from one of thousands of fabrics. Picked out a pink sofa or chair? Then why not paint the interior of a library bookcase to match it?

Monogrammed Gloves - I saw these on Oprah's Favorite Things and they were definitely a favorite for me.


The navy and white bag is no longer available but a similar bag can be purchased here, the Keepall 50 is from here.

Signet Ring

Design your own suit or shirt at Brooks Brothers here.

I am currently waiting on two pieces of custom made furniture for the study at our home in Georgia. It's fun to design what you want, but the anticipation is killing me! 


Monday, November 25, 2013

Hermès Baby

I have been looking for a special baby gift recently and have fallen in love with the items at Hermès. They have the most adorable selection of baby items that I have ever seen.

See for yourself:

Bath Robe






And for the new mother, a bracelet in Pink or Blue.