Monday, April 8, 2013

Beverage Dispenser

We often have houseguests so I am used to serving a lot of people. Last weekend my son hosted a sleepover for some of his 8th grade friends. There were 8 of them. By our standards that was actually a small group.  For breakfast I served fruit, muffins and juice.

Sometimes I will just serve store bought drinks in their original containers, as I did then...

But sometimes I want to serve home-made drinks or gussy up the store bought ones and the best way to do that is by using a beverage dispenser.

I love this beverage dispenser from Z Gallerie.

But I wanted something a bit more rustic looking to go with the simple decor that we have at our lake house, as well as something that would work when we have 30 people so I bought 3 of these from Amazon.

Make sure that you also buy some colored chalk so that you can be artistic on the chalk board. (I need to work on this!)

Once you have your beautiful beverage server you will want to use it often so here are some suggestions...

Mint Iced Tea
In the south people drink a lot of iced tea. Being English, I never liked it, and I still won't drink sweet tea but in the summer I really enjoy a glass of unsweetened iced tea. I put a sprig of mint from our garden into the dispenser and I just love the flavor combination. I sometimes make a tiny amount of simple syrup to slightly sweeten it.

Orchard Punch - I love to add some fresh cranberries to the dispenser when I serve this. You can also replace the ginger ale with champagne for special occasions.