Monday, September 30, 2013

A New Hobby

Do you have a hobby? Or do you collect something? In both cases, once you find that thing that you're passionate about, you will willingly spend your time and money pursuing that passion.

Maybe you love to play games, and every time you find yourself with 10 minutes of free time you sit down and try to beat the level that is currently frustrating you.

For me, my hobby, my passion, my collection are all one and the same. My passion is my home and family. I gladly spend time cleaning and organizing. I enjoy hunting for just the right items. I love to have house guests and host dinner parties. I don't look at time spent cleaning as a waste of time, because it makes me happy to live in a clean environment. I don't mind putting things away because it makes me happy to know where to find things when I need them. I don't mind ironing because I like to see my family looking nice. If it takes me six months to find the perfect sofa, that's OK because I know that I will love it for many years to come.

Change the way that you look at housekeeping. Instead of thinking of housework as a never ending chore, think of your home as the way that you express yourself. Buy bedding that you love and make your bed every day. Pick a china pattern and start collecting it one plate at a time. Use your lovely things, don't leave them sitting on a shelf. How you live each day, will add up to how you live your life. Make it beautiful. You won't remember the time spent playing games, what you will look back on are the times spent around the dinner table. Take the time to set the table, cook a delicious meal, make memories with your family and friends.

Think of caring for your home and family as your favorite hobby. Sometimes a change in perspective changes everything.