Friday, November 15, 2013

5 on Friday - for the Kitchen

1. Noodle Bowl 

We eat a lot of stir fry. It's just such an easy to cook meal, the whole family likes it and I'm always amazed at how many vegetables I can get my kids to eat just by cutting them up into tiny pieces.

The other day I went into Pier 1 and saw this beautiful bowl.

I'll have four, please and thank you.

2. Custom Place Cards

I use place cards whenever we have a formal meal. They're a little different every time because I like to customize them in some way. I just purchased these avery printable stickers which will make my life so much easier because my calligraphy is not that great.  For Thanksgiving this year, I plan on printing names onto these stickers, attaching them to cream colored place cards and using pumpkin place card holders. Simple, elegant and easy.

3. Apple Corer

If you're a fan of baked apples then you need one of these.

4. Vase for your dishwasher tablets

Even though I keep my tablets under the sink I still prefer to keep them in a beautiful container rather than the plastic tub that they came in. I found mine at Pottery Barn.

5. Mini Pie Plate

If you like to make chicken pot pie then try serving it in individual dishes. It just makes a much more elegant presentation than a piece cut from a larger pie. I purchased mine here

Do you have a great recommendation for a kitchen item?


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