Sunday, November 10, 2013

Planner Supplies

I love my iPhone. It's awesome. So convenient. Couldn't live without it. But for me, there is something about sitting down and using a planner that just makes me a much more organized and productive person. It's fun to put pen to paper. And I just love using stickers and washi tape and colorful pens and post-it notes etc. So every night I sit down with my planner and my supplies and figure out what comes next.

These are my tools:

Pencil Case

Somewhere along the line I had stopped using a pencil case. I now have homes, and desks, with drawers. Why would I need a pencil case? But then all of a sudden I had all of these supplies that I wanted to use with my planner. Not only did I need a pencil case but I needed a big pencil case. I use the middle bag from this set by Carolina Herrera. At 8x11 it's a little larger than my Erin Condren planner. Perfect!

My planner supplies include:
Scissors  *  Tape Measure  *  Calculator  *  5x8 lined Post-it notes  *  4x6 grid Post-it notes  *  Russell and Hazel Sticky To Do notes  *  Star shaped Post-it notes  *  Square Post-it notes  *  Banner sticky notes  *  Washi tape  *  Custom Pencils  *  Set of 5 Sharpie retractable highlighters  *  Set of 12 Paper Mate Flair colored pens  *  Stationary and Stamps

Washi Tape

I love this tape so much. There are so many colors and designs to chose from and it's a perfect way to make something really stand out in my planner. (I use this to flag school breaks on my monthly pages)

Sticky Notes

I keep several different kinds in my pencil case.

Star shaped for 3 in 30 goals

Banners and Pointers from K and Company 

Grid paper

To do lists from Russell and Hazel

Custom Pencils

One of my daughter's favorite t-shirts has the slogan "Dress Like Lilly, Act Like Audrey, Think Like Jackie" on the back. I bought it here.

I liked the saying so much that I ordered three sets of custom pencils from here.

Pink - Dress Like Lilly
Green - Act Like Audrey
Silver - Thinks Like Jackie

Why don't you pick a favorite quote and order your own pencils? Custom pencils - they're not just for kids!

What supplies do you keep with your planner?

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