Sunday, February 28, 2010

Look at me.

I saw these at the Atlanta Louis Vuitton store yesterday. They are called "Look at me!" and I could not stop looking!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Snow in New York

Well today is the day that we were flying to New York for a cocktail party followed by a concert performed by the Leipzig Orchestra at Carnegie Hall.

Carnegie Hall

We were staying at the Pierre on 5th Avenue.

But ... we're not going because of the snow.

Central Park Snow 2

Oh well!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Liberty print bicycle at Target

OK, I could not get the idea of a Liberty bicycle out of my head, and kept on searching until I found this picture....

...and the best part is that it will retail for $199. We just bought very nice bikes to have at the lake house, but I can totally justify the need to have a spare!


Liberty collection for Target
When I worked in London, my office was 100 yards from the Liberty store on Regent Street and I was in there several times a week. Their prints are divine.

Well on March 14th Liberty will become the latest designer to showcase at Target.

Liberty of London printed tie
Liberty of London printed shift dress
I heard that there will be a houseware selection...and a bike!

Oooh, so exciting!

EZ Fire

We went skiing in Utah last March, and stayed at a fabulous hotel. We had 2 fireplaces in our suite and the hotel staff would come in and light them upon request. They always got a blazing fire going immediately and the secret to their success was... EZ fire starters.

It is the most amazing product, and we as well as many of our friends are now using it. If you have real fires at home then I highly recommend that you try it.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Pottery Barn - Mason Jar

I use 3 of these mason jars from Pottery barn to organize my desk supplies at my lake house. One holds pencils, one holds Sharpies, and one holds a multitude of clips.

I love how they look on my desk - a perfect country look.

Hip Hip Horray....'s my birthday today!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Pottery Barn - Antonia Bed

One of my favorite pieces in my Alabama home is this bed that I purchased for my daughters room.

Her room has a vaulted ceiling so I wanted a four poster, and I chose this particular bed, because although it is an iron bed, the headboard is padded cream linen. She likes to read in bed, and this is more comfortable than a traditional iron bed.

Antonia Canopy Bed, Full, Aged Bronze finish

I also got her light fixture from Pottery Barn, it is the Armonk 6-arm Chandelier.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Fab Find - Lilly Pulitzer Shere Sweater Coat & Wrap

It does not get very cold in Georgia/Alabama so most days I find myself throwing on either one of these Shere cashmere coats or wrap. I know not everyone lives in such a warm climate, but I think that these would be perfect for Spring.

I have a coat in black

and in navy

and wish that I had it in pink salmon

I have a wrap in Shorely Blue

And Vanilla

It is surprising how warm these pieces are. The Shere sweater coat and wrap are definitely a fab find.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Ethan Allen Tea Table

One of my favorite pieces of furniture is this tea table from Ethan Allen.

I use it as a sofa table, and every time I look at it, it makes me happy. I just love it.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Lily of the Valley

I usually force narcissus bulbs for Christmas, but this year I thought it would be nice to force some bulbs for spring. I love white flowers so decided on Lily of the Valley.

I planted 3 containers at the lake house yesterday, and hopefully in a few weeks will be able to post photos of how they turn out.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Ralph Lauren Paint

Have you tried the Ralph Lauren Regent Metallics paint?

I have used "Golden Light" in two bathrooms at home, and in the home theater at the lake.

I also used Bronze Statue in my billiard room.

You can see how the light reflects off this beautiful paint in the first of my Moss Bunnies photos in the previous post.

I used the Antiqued Leather technique in my home theater at home.

The base color is "Stadium Red", and the glaze is "Moroccan Red".

Next time you're decorating, go and check out the Ralph Lauren paint collection at Home Depot, I was pleased that I did, and I know you will be too.

Moss Bunnies

For Easter two years ago I found these adorable moss bunnies.

I loved them and of course wanted some more, but could not find any.

Last year I looked in all the usual places but still could not find any real moss bunnies.

But...this year, just look at what I found at Michael's!

Are you impressed by my persistence! I am a girl that just won't settle for anything less than perfect, even if it takes 2 years!!!!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Lilly Pulitzer - Mar-a-lago tote

Last summer I bought the Lilly Pulitzer Mar-a-lago tote in patent pink. It really is the perfect sized shoulder bag, so in the winter I added the chocolate suede version to my handbag collection. This is the first time that I have bought the same bag in two different colors!

Unless you count the fact that I have two black Chanel bags, but one had gold hardware, and one has silver, and they're different sizes so it was necessary! Wasn't it?


Arthur Price - Old English cutlery

OK, so yesterday I let you in on where I like to shop for the men in my life when I am visiting London.

But lets get to the good stuff.

This is one of the places that I like to shop for items for my homes! It is called Peter Jones and is located in Sloane Square.

It is a department store so sells clothes etc, but I like their houseware department. My favorite purchase last year was......

Arthur Price Old English cutlery

I love to buy my cutlery in England, because a basic place setting comes with a table knife, a table fork, a dessert spoon, a dessert knife, a dessert fork, a soup spoon and a tea spoon. I also use the dessert knife and fork for children as they fit more comfortably in their little hands. They're also perfect as a salad knife and fork.

Image of 100 piece cutlery set

Image of 8 Pairs of Fish Eaters, beautifully gift boxed

Image of 6 Pastry Forks, beautifully gift boxed

We use this cutlery everyday, and love it.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

British Traditions - Pancake Day

In England the day before Lent in called Pancake Day and growing up my mother served as many pancakes as I could eat for dinner that night. I have continued this tradition with my children, after all its only once a year :-)

There is a difference between an English pancake and an American pancake.

This is an English Pancake, and is traditionally served with sugar and lemon juice...

This is an American pancake and is traditionally served with butter and maple syrup...

I use Delia Smith's recipe , but any if you have a crepe recipe that you love then I think it will taste the same. Just remember to smother in lemon juice, and then sprinkle with sugar.

I always roll mine up, and put more lemon and sugar on the top...delicious!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Sperry's Southport Wedge

Women's Southport Wedge
I just love these shoes from the Sperry resort collection.

They are not very high, and are wedges, so will be as comfortable as flats but way cuter.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines' Day

Wishing you and yours a very happy Valentines' Day.


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Comfortable Beds

We get a lot of house guests and I try really hard to make their rooms as comfortable as possible.

My favorite sheets are these from Biltmore Home

Biltmore™ For Your Home 600 Thread Count Wrinkle Free Sheet Sets
I have them in white on all of our beds in both homes. They are wrinkle free, so it cuts down on the ironing, and I have to say, every night it feels like the sheets have been freshly washed and ironed. They have a wonderful crisp feeling.

They are on sale at the moment for $89.99 for the queen size.

The other thing that I really love are Memory Foam Mattress Toppers. I got these ones at Sams Club. The queen size is currently $99.88, which is about half of what I paid in December, so snap them up quickly!
ComforZen 2.5in Memory Foam Mattress Topper-King
Trust me, you will really enjoy how comfortable your beds are with good sheets, and memory foam.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Looking for a new Recipe?

The internet is great. Blogs, Pinterest, Polyvore... there are just so many ways to get information. I have learned a lot and been inspired many times by things that I have found online.  But for some reason when it comes time to plan out our family menus I always seem to prefer to use a cookbook. I think there is something about using the recipes that I grew up with. Through trial and error I have found that for me the most success at the dinner table comes when I use a recipe from one of these books.

I am not a talented chef. My husband can walk into the kitchen, grab a bunch of ingredients and whip up some fabulous concoction. Me, not so much. However, I can follow a recipe, so with a bit of planning I can fake it rather well.

I love to browse through cook books looking for inspiration when I have a spot of free time. These are the books that I use time and time again. The recipes work and are delicious.

Barefoot Contessa  *  Website  *  Books

Delia Smith  *  Website  *  Books

Product DetailsProduct Details

Julia Child's' Mastering the Art of French Cooking - the book that has taught me the most about cooking.

Product Details

I especially love Delia Smith, but the soufflé recipes in Park Avenue Potluck are worth the price of the book for those alone. They are heavenly. A definite for when you want to impress!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

New Moon DVD to be released on March 20th

I was in London last November just before New Moon came to the theaters and snapped this picture! A little nuts I know!

Anyway for those of you who love the movies, I just heard that you will be able to buy New Moon on March 20th.

I know what we will be doing that night!

One Kings Lane

Have you discovered One Kings Lane Yet?

It is a members only website selling beautiful discounted items for the home.

I bought this Calvin Klein rug for my country abode for about a 70% discount. It was quite the find!

Remember when Emile Henry was available.

Today they have some Kate Spade items such as this crystal bowl for $65 (reduced from $125)
Pickney Street Peony Bowl
This sterling 8x10 frame is $89 (reduced from $179)
Siena Sterling Beaded 8x10 Frame
This fabulous DL & Co Feather Stationery For $29 (reduced from $50)
DL & Co Feather Stationery Set of 12
And on Friday they will be selling Lilly Pulitzer cards & Gifts.

XX, Lilly Notecard Book
If you are not already a member please leave a comment with your email, and I'll send you an invite today.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Shopping for the Lake House

When we were building our lake house, I spent hours and hours on the Internet trying to find perfect rustic items. I had a look in mind, but had trouble fulfilling my vision.

Until I discovered World Imports.

I loved this bathtub...

but chose this instead...

I have this lantern ...

This chandelier...

And, this sconce ...

I am so happy with my choices, and wanted to share them with you, just in case you too are looking for something similar.