Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Serving the Perfect Cheese Board

I like to serve a cheese board at the end of a nice meal. I sometimes make a small dessert but I will always serve cheese and port. It amazes me how terrified a lot of people are of the cheese counter. It can be a bit overwhelming trying to pick just a few cheeses when faced with so many choices, so here are some tips for selecting a good variety of cheeses.

Select a mixture of hard and soft cheeses.

Select some blue cheeses. They are an acquired taste, I know, but once you learn to love them you will LOVE them.

Have one unusual cheese on your board.

A basic cheese board could include :

Goat Cheese

If you wanted to serve more varieties then you could add :

Port Salut

Once you become familiar with these cheeses and know which are your favorites then you can start experimenting at the cheese counter. Ask for a sample of something that looks interesting.

I like to display my cheeses on this.