Saturday, February 12, 2011

Vitamix Blender

I love to eat healthy food. It makes me feel happy to know that the food I am eating is both nutritious and delicious. A few weeks ago our blender broke and my husband said that he would pick up a new one.

He came home via Williams Sonoma with a professional Vitamix blender and refused to discuss the price!

Vita-Mix Professional 500 Blender
We started making smoothies for breakfast, and have done so 90% of the mornings since we got the blender. On the days that we don't make a smoothie then my son seriously does not know what to eat! He is not a fan of breakfast but will happily drink a freshly made fruit smoothie and doesn't seem to mind knowing that there is spinach in it.

I have also made several soups. I find that if I just make enough for me to have soup at lunch then the blender makes it hot enough but if I am making a big batch of soup then I prefer to finish it off on the stove so that its piping hot. If you roast some vegetables in the oven and then add them to the blender with stock and spices then it makes the most delicious soup.

The blender came with an instructional DVD and a HUGE recipe binder which I have enjoyed perusing. I am really enjoying the sauce recipes and have tried several already.

The Vitamix blender has been a wonderful additional to our kitchen, but I'm glad that I got to fall in love with it prior to finding out the cost!

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day. I'm just now getting some internet peaking time. It's so funny because my mom found your blog the very day I went to it, but at the time, you hadn't posted in awhile. I see you have been busy.

    I saw this same blender on a demo in Whole Foods the other day. It looked amazing!



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