Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Valentines' Day ideas

How about some chocolate covered cherries from Mon Cheri. They are unavailable in the US, but some kind soul has imported them, and I bought some on Amazon.

Or you could show your love with this laptop sleeve from Kate Spade

I love the Tiffany leather goods collection, and think that this clutch would be a divine way to show someone that you love them!

A great idea for the gentleman in your life would be this gorgeous pair of love knot cufflinks from Brooks Brothers.

Love knot cuff links, silver is sterling and gold is gold-plated sterling. Swivel back. Made in the USA.

For your preppy puppy, how about this dog polo from Ralph Lauren (I gave Milly a green one for Christmas and she is tres cute in it!)

Red luggage from T Anthony would be a great Valentines' Day gift for someone who travels often, and it would stand out from all that black on the carousel.

A wonderful idea for Valentines' Day that doesn't cost much money is to make a delicious home cooked meal.

Try serving Ina Garten's perfect roast chicken

Picture of Perfect Roast Chicken Recipe

followed by panna cotta in a heart shaped dish (I picked up some red ones at Michaels).

Picture of Panna Cotta with Fresh Berries Recipe

Have a happy Valentines' Day.


  1. Great ideas! Now, I must get in gear and plan for Vday!

  2. The Kate Spade Lap Top case! Love it! I checked out Lost in Austen like you suggested. Hilarious! I am so going to Net Flix that. :)

  3. oh yeah, I am super thankful you happened upon my blog. I have a very good friend who married her college boyfriend when he was over in London and she moved to Virginia to marry him. I love her English take on things.


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