Thursday, February 18, 2010

Lilly Pulitzer - Mar-a-lago tote

Last summer I bought the Lilly Pulitzer Mar-a-lago tote in patent pink. It really is the perfect sized shoulder bag, so in the winter I added the chocolate suede version to my handbag collection. This is the first time that I have bought the same bag in two different colors!

Unless you count the fact that I have two black Chanel bags, but one had gold hardware, and one has silver, and they're different sizes so it was necessary! Wasn't it?



  1. What a beautiful bag! I don't blame you at all for getting it in pink AND chocolate! I love big totes and when you find one that is perfect for you, I say get it in as many colors as you can ;-) Happy weekend to you!

  2. Love these bags! I have always wanted a pink or gold one, can't believe I didn't buy them when they were actually available. Sometimes I try to be sensible.....see where that gets me??? :-) XOXO

  3. Most DEFINITELY a necessary purchase!! Hi You look fun so I'm following you!


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