Monday, March 21, 2011

Seaside, FL

Have you visited Seaside yet?

It has been on my wish-list of places to visit for about 20 years and I am finally going this spring break.

Doesn't it look relaxing...


  1. I just saw this on blogger and had to comment!!! I just got back from Destin 2 days ago but we drive to seaside one afternoon and I LOVED it!!! Destin has apparently changed and is so much more of a college sb destination whereas Seaside was where all the adorable families were! I also loved Watercolor which is next to seaside and they have a fab Lilly store!!! Have so much fun!!!

  2. These are breathe taking photos!!! Will have to see if they have pet friendly places there...HHL

  3. HOw wonderful!!! I hope you have the best time. We are having the best time in Florida!

  4. We actually rented a 3 bedroom house at Water Color, which is right next door to Seaside, and I am totally looking forward to visiting the Lilly store! Each of our children is bringing their best friend with them so it should be a fun week.
    Not sure about pets, we're not taking Milly. Poor doggie.
    HonH, I wish I was with you now, I can't wait for our spring break

  5. Seaside looks gorgeous. My mother-in-law has been there, and we actually have one of the best souvenirs from there. We've used them so much outside that they are worn out, but we call them our little scuba suits for our imported beers. We just zip the beer inside the little suit. We need to go back to find some more. They are very simple, and have Seaside written on them, and nothing else. Love them!

    Enjoy! Thanks for your comments on my post.

    I'm not sure if you went back to Sunday, March 20th, but a Weekend Rewind post that I did that day features a little write up about your blog, and several others that like including Henley on the Horn. I will have to tell her.

    Take care!

  6. Hi! Enjoy your trip to Seaside/Watercolor! Such a gorgeous area, the DH and I plan to retire somewhere on 30A. We lived in Destin for 2.5 years before moving back to Alabama. If you have time, be sure to visit The Old Florida Fish House in Rosemary Beach. It's past Seaside and before Panama City. You might also like the Fish Out of Water at Watercolor Inn, great food and beautiful view.
    Enjoy the shopping - ATL it ain't; but the outlets at Sandestin are pretty decent and occasionally you can score Tory Burch at Off 5th! :-)
    Have fun! XOXO

  7. Hi...just found your blog....I am planning to go to Seaside in October to get married! I was wondering how you liked it? I've never been there but everything looks perfect!

  8. I used to live in Destin and we'd go to Seaside almost every other weekend :( I miss it so much- it's my favorite place in the whole world!


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