Tuesday, March 22, 2011

It's Spring...

The weather has been fantastic here in Atlanta, the garden is full of life and I have been full of Spring fever for a while so I am glad that it is officially here at last.

I am on a rampage to REFRESH, RENEW, REPLACE and REDO.

Little things like a fresh coat of paint, small repairs, etc

So far I have...

Repainted the outside trim on my house - a fresh coat of white paint as well as repairing any rotten wood has made the house look like new.

Replaced my dishwasher - the old one was fine, but technology has improved in the past 9 years, and the new one is so much better.

Put fresh plants in my planters.

Replaced my spices - a small change but one that makes my smile everyday

Made a few minor repairs and ordered replacement parts for some of my small appliances. Everything works so much better now. The capsule ejector on my Nespresso coffee maker has been broken for several weeks, I could still make coffee but needed to manually eject the capsule. It cost 95c to order a replacement part and now my coffee maker is as good as new.

Replaced all of my hangers with skinny hangers - I have so much more room in my closet now.

Renewed my commitment to working out and healthy eating, after all summer is just around the corner!

Things I am planning to do...

Redo my guest bedroom
Redo my son's room
Redo my study
Replace my telephones and answer machine
Replace the mulch around my vegetable garden at the lake with small pebbles
Remove the swing set and plan something fresh for that area
Renewing my interest in scrapbooking

So today, in honor of Spring I urge you to look around and see if there is anything that you can renew, refresh, replace or redo.


  1. Well you are going to be a busy bee with that list..but all great and positive things. I have a long list of things to put on my list, haha, but need to really sit down and figure out whats feasible and what I know I will see through!
    So happy spring is finally just about here though in NY they are saying more snow might be coming tomorrow!! What? The weather gods are confused...oh well soon enough!

  2. sister...you are one busy lady..wish I could get THAT motivated. Mostly I am focused on turning over my closet from winter to spring...

    Thanks for stopping in on my blog!
    Following yours...and will be back soon for sure.

    PS...I love my Louis Vuitton travel bag too..it fits everything and makes me feel instantly chic, even if I am traveling in an old sweatsuit. lol

  3. your post was fabulous! i love how motivated you are girl :) so glad I came across your blog! hope you have a fabulous tuesday dear! xo i can't wait to read more!


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