Monday, January 9, 2012

My Top 10 Household Gadgets

These are the things that make my life easier...

In my opinion there is nothing better for vacuuming and cleaning hardwood or hard flooring. I even use it to vacuum my rugs!

Shark Vac Then Steam Mop.Opens in a new window

This makes clean up of accidental spills so easy.

Bissell® Titanium SpotBot® Pet.Opens in a new window

These range in price from $149 to $799 and make one cup of coffee at a time. My husband loves really strong coffee, I love medium drip, Nespresso may have saved our marriage!

4. Kitchen Aid Mixer

I like the professional series because it has a hand crank bowl lift. It fits easily on the counter and never needs to be moved. Besides being a thing of beauty it whips up meringue unbelievably fast.

5. LG Front Load Steam Washing Machine and Dryer

I have these at both of my houses. The set at the lake house are newer and a little more up to date in that the dryer also has a steam function. I have never used it! But ... the steam option on the washing machine ... I use this all the time. A lot of clothing that used to be sent to the dry cleaners is now cleaned by me using my LG machine.

We love to make smoothies, soups, sauces and frozen drinks in this amazing blender.

7. iPad

My husband and children all had laptops. Since we also have imac desk tops at each house then I really couldn't justify getting a laptop for myself. However as soon as the ipad came out I knew I had to have one! I LOVE it, I can use it for 90% of my computing needs and I love reading books on it.

8. iPhone 4s

I bought the iphone when it first came out and until now had never updated to a newer version. My husband got one and I admit to falling in love with siri and knew I had to have one too. I ended up buying one for my 14 year old daughter at the same time. My son is only 11 and I promised that he too could get an iphone once he is in high school which he is very excited about.

He has an LG Octane which is a very nice phone and he is very happy with it. Last week at a school event a 9 year old girl holding an iPhone 4s came up to him and asked him why he had "that piece of ****". And that my dears is exactly why I don't believe in buying him an iPhone! Just because you have the means please do not spoil you children. My children have a very nice lifestyle but they are appreciative of what we give them. My son still loves his phone and I appreciate that he has manners :-)

9. Sony Alarm Clock

This does everything except make your coffee in the morning!

10. Kindle Fire

This is what we gave our children for Christmas. There was no need to buy them iPads since they both have Apple laptops but I really wanted to get them electronic readers. I ordered these the day they came out, and they love them so much. Kindles are wonderful but this version is so much more...

Hope you see something on this list that you like. Trust me each one of these gadgets makes me happy every time I use them and I have not always been a girl who enjoys cleaning her hardwood floors!


  1. Love all your gadgets... We have the Krups coffee machine and love it for the same reason as you. I think it saved our marriage too...Hehe. I have the shark for my hard surface floor and need a new vacumme. Glad to see your recommendation here.

  2. I have the Ipad and similar mixer for smoothies

  3. Happy New Year my friend... it was wonderful to see you had stopped by for a visit. Wow your post is talking to me... We have Frigidaire front loads at our country home .. I'm not crazy about them, and have been thinking of moving them to our home in the city (since we are not often there)~ Have yet to find something a) I like b) understand... I've been thinking of upgrading to a Kitchen Aide professional series, for the crank bowl lifter ~ Nespresso, the Mr. fell in love with the machine while in Paris; friends have two - one in the main house and one in the guest house... He couldn't get enough of it while on our last trip to visit them in Vermont... I know one will be making it's appearance here soon! Take care, xo HHL

  4. Happy New Year! Good to see you back.


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