Monday, January 23, 2012


Barbour has been quietly providing us with beautiful clothing since 1894.

Their coats and jackets are worn in London and in the countryside, by royalty and by those attending the Glastonbury festival.

When I lived in London it seemed to me that just about everyone we knew owned a waxed jacket from Barbour and judging by the picture of Kate Middleton wearing one I strongly suspect that they are just as popular today.

(Helen Mirren in The Queen)

I have a green Border Jacket which is over 20 years old and will probably last me at least another 20, but I would love to get another one in either black or navy.

Clothing is available in the US from the Barbour website ....


  1. Hi there,

    I just got my first Barbour jacket and I would like to keep mine for at least 20 years as well! How do you keep yours, is it a lot of maintenance? At the moment I live in Hong Kong and we get a lot of rain. Obviously I won't use it in heavy rain but I'm hoping it will stand a few drops?


  2. I've worn mine in the rain many, many times! It is actually the perfect raincoat, especially if you also have the detachable hood. Trust me it's designed for heavy rain, and will actually look better once it's a little worn in. Like Louis Vuitton, it takes a few years to break in! Your Babour jacket will need to be re-waxed every few years. You can buy wax online or most places that sell the clothing also sell the wax. I have done it myself, but now I just send my coat to Barbour and they do it for me. Can't believe you found my little blog HK girl but I'm glad that you did

  3. Sounds like I got the perfect jacket for HK then! Now I just have to get the hood... I have been reading your blog for a long time, I can't remember how I stumbled across it in the first place but I'm also glad that I did. I like your taste and would love to see more photos of your beautiful homes. After our stint in HK we would really like to build a house, but it's still a few years off. So for now I'm just dreaming and looking for inspiration in magazines and of course blogs! Have a great weekend:-) - HK-girl


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