Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Bermuda Styles

My husband lives in these microfiber shorts in the summer.
They are fast drying, which is perfect for a summer spent on the water.

Blue DoradoBlue PalmettosNavy LobstersStone LobstersSea Green SharksRed Crab

but he prefers the plain ones
Colony Blue
Stone SolidSeafoam Shorts
Khaki Shorts

They also have skirts and shorts for women.

Lime Green MarlinPalmetto BlueBlue Palmetto - TTSeahorse - TT

Bermuda Styles are perfect for the beach, boating, swimming and then for cocktails and dinner.


  1. Oh, I must check out this website! My husband L-O-V-E loves "go to hell" shorts and pants!

    And this proud South Carolinian did in fact notice our state flag of the palmetto and crescent moon on the shorts!

  2. Such cute styles, I'm running over to check thm out now! Love the ladies bermuda's too! I'll be sure not to go too "matchy-matchy" :)

  3. They are wonderful shorts. My husband has at least 10 pairs!


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