Friday, January 17, 2014

Instagram Geomap

This is a public service announcement!

I recently started using instagram and I love it. It's so easy to snap a quick picture of what I'm up to and I absolutely love seeing what everyone else is excited about.

However being a newbie I made a very serious mistake, which scared the pants off of me when I discovered it. I checked into a few other accounts and found that I am not alone.

Look at your instagram. Do you see the third icon that looks like a tear drop. Click on that.

This is what you will see on Kate Spade's page.

If you expand the map you can actually see the places at a street level. Not a problem for Kate Spade, but for me, and I'm sure for a few of you, you are unknowingly disclosing where you live to the world.

Don't panic it's a very simple thing to fix. For the locations that are already on geomap you can edit and remove them using the edit option on the top right corner of the screen.

Going forward just slide the "Add to Photo Map" button to no before you share a picture.

#You're Welcome


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