Friday, January 10, 2014

2014 - Decorating Plans

There is something quite exciting about a New Year.

I don't really make resolutions, I'm old enough that I've got things figured out, but I always start the new year with an urge to refresh my house. I think it probably because after fall decorations, followed by Christmas decorations my house finally looks like itself again. Everything looks so clean and tidy and it makes me fall in love with it all over again. And then I get inspired to change it!

My husband has been working from home since last February so my biggest priority it to change our study/library into more of an office just for him. I selected a new desk chair and recliner which were delivered just before Christmas. Now I need to cut down on some of the clutter, I'm sure that I can probably get rid of at least a third of our books, and move all of my stuff into my craft room, which is going to double as my office from now on. I also want to change the wall color, am thinking about replacing the artwork and maybe installing a flat screen TV.

My son will be going to High School this year so it's time to refresh his room.  I am inspired by this room and this artwork, so check back in 6 weeks or so to see what I end up doing.

Lastly I want to make my craft room into more of an office since I will no longer be using the study. It doesn't actually need much decorating but I have been shopping for some new desk accessories and need to take the time to reorganize since it now has to accommodate all of my paperwork as well as being a place to scrapbook and wrap gifts.

I created this room out of one of 4 attic spaces on the top floor of my GA home. It is basically two sides of a square in shape, with a desk, built in book case and a large storage closet at the end.

This is what it looks like now:

I'll post pictures once it's finished but here is a sneak peak of a new pencil cup and calendar that I already ordered:

Are you starting the New Year with any decorating plans?


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  1. I have had a serious itch for decorating lately, but can't decide how much I want to invest in my current home as lately we've been discussing buying a new house and I'm sure I'd want to start fresh then. Love the Chrysler print and your office--can't wait to see what you end up changing. :)


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