Saturday, September 17, 2011

Spanish Long Boots

Catherine Middleton looks so amazing in this photo that I decided to track down her fantastic boots so that I could get a pair for myself.
They are Spanish Long Boots and can be purchased here

Kate Middleton

I think I like the brown suede pair best.


  1. Fabulous boots! Love the tassles.

  2. It is the year of the boots, isn't it? So many gorgeous ones out there. Happy Fall!

    I have been so behind in reading blogs that I am looking forward to catching up with yours.

  3. These boots are fabulous -- beautiful AND comfortable. I got a pair just like Kate's (taller than most of the Spanish boots I see and quite a bit cheaper) at They're a Spanish company, but communication was excellent and shipping was quick/reasonable. Check 'em out!

  4. amazing!! I they're good enough for Princess Kate they are good enough for me. I am heading to check out that link now, thanks for sharing : )



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