Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Missoni at Target

I love the featured designer events at Target, and Missoni was one of the best to date.

I was blown away at how fast the merchandise sold out at our store, I was there mid-morning and it looked like that about half of the clothing had already been sold. I went back in the evening with my daughter and by that time just about everything was gone!

Luckily I was able to buy a sweater dress/coat ensemble that I am thrilled with. The dress is a little short, but will look amazing with black opaque tights and boots.

Missoni for Target® Sleeveless Sweater Dress with Front Panel - Black/MulticolorMissoni for Target® Cardigan Sweater - Multicolor Zigzag Print

I hope you had better luck, and maybe they'll do another run considering how most items sold out the first day.

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  1. It seems like to say this was a serious success is a major understatment! WOW....I keep hearing crazy stories about people going NUTS! One day I will get over to see it....not sure if was the greatest move for them as I wonder if they might alienate their core customer who now won't want it because everyone has gone out and bought a 29.99 will be interesting to see. In the meantime,, much of it DOES look quite good!


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