Wednesday, June 30, 2010

High Maintenance or Low Maintenance?

Which one are you?

I consider myself low maintenance. I color my own hair, take care of my own nails, clean my own homes, although I do have help with my gardens (or yards as they are called over here).

My wardrobe is probably fairly high maintenance, I am constantly at the dry cleaners, although I do have the LG steam washing machine which can handle a lot of delicates. Probably pays for itself in the amount saved at the dry-cleaners!!!

So which one are you?

I chose to do a lot of things for myself as it makes me feel better about the shocking amount I spend on clothes. Would you rather spend your money on feeling pampered or on material things??? Let me know girls.


  1. Actually, I DID consider myself low-maintenance. But then EVERYTHING you said you do yourself in the first paragraph, I don't...

    But I still consider myself low-maintenance. I don't flaunt any of it. It just makes my life a little easier and pleasant!

  2. I'm not sure which one I am...but I'm definitely with you on choosing to do things for myself so I can feel better about the outrageous amount of money I spend on clothing!!

  3. I spend my money on manicures and hair AND clothes! Is that awful? I wish I had the LG so I could wash more of my items on my own.


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