Sunday, January 17, 2010

Fab Find - Edward Glasses at Williams Sonoma

I just love the Edward glasses at Williams Sonoma, they are the perfect everyday glass.

Edward Water Goblets, Set of 4
I have both the wineglasses and the water goblets in my country house and love them.


  1. Love the glasses and LOVE Williams-Sonoma. Wish I had a store close, but alas no WS at the beach! :-( Happy sunday! XOXO

  2. I love a water glass with some type of stem. I'm hoping to go to William Sonoma tomorrow since I have the day off. There are a few things I've seen that I "need" :)


  3. Love your blog. Thanks for following me and your sweet comment. I actually have those glasses and I love them too!

  4. Hey sweetie-Ok...well I think your blog is great. Really it either takes time or time and networking. Getting more followers is really about making new friends. Taking the time to read other peoples blogs and commenting. Giveaways help a lot. Blog everyday or every other day and follow back when someone follows you if you like their blog. There are also things that certain bloggers do where you participate and use a mr linky from their site to yours and then you will get a lot more readers. I am not sure if that made supha mamas tuesday post its, or jens thousands word thursday, other people have not meme mondays or thankful thursdays etc. You will get there!


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