Monday, January 4, 2010

Barbour - The classic country jacket.

I have a Barbour Border jacket that I bought when I lived in London, so it must be nearly 20 years old, and it is still looks good. One of the things I like about buying classics, is that they only get better with age. As every Londoner knows, a Barbour can be worn over their work clothes during the week, and for country pursuits over the weekend.

Barbour® Sporting Border Jacket

Add a Hermes scarf and a Range Rover and you just might be mistaken for the Queen of England!


  1. I lived in London about 22 years ago and I have my Barbour from waaay back then! It really needs waxing.

  2. We have waxed our own jackets before, but last time it needed doing we sent them off to Barbour in the US, and I have to say they did a wonderful job. What part of London were you in?


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