Wednesday, December 11, 2013

When You Get Behind....

With two houses to run I really try to stay on top of things but having spent Thanksgiving Break at the lake followed by house guests who arrived the next day and stayed until yesterday I find that I have been far too busy having a wonderful time and consequently my home in GA is in serious need of TLC.

It's a mess, it's dirty, I am way behind on the laundry, haven't opened my mail in over a week and my calendar is packed between now and Christmas. Today is probably the only day that I have nothing going on so I had better make it count.

It is not possible to get everything done today but I can do a lot and then finish up over the next few days in what little free time I have.

Here is the game plan that I use when I need to catch up


Wash everything, including all of our sheets
Fold and put away everything that doesn't need to be ironed
Iron as much as I can, do the rest as soon as I can. (When I get behind on the ironing I just stop in and iron 10-15 things at a time until it's all done)

Clean the refridgerator
Plan meals for the next 3 days (Slow cooker meals are GREAT when I am short of time)
Go grocery shopping

Tidy the whole house
Put clean sheets back on the beds
Clean the bathrooms

Sort through the mail
Pay bills

Clean countertops
Vacuum and clean the hardwood floors
Clean stainless steel appliances

Clean clothes, sheets and towels, good food, beds made, clutter put away and clean kitchen and bathrooms will give the illusion that things are under control to the rest of my family. I'll clean the rest of the house over the next few days and by the weekend life will be back to normal!

Do you have a game plan for when you get behind?


  1. Let me help you feel better about yourself. If it wasn't for my housekeeper who comes every two weeks, our house would be condemned. And if you really want to bring things down a notch, do what I do and stop cooking (no grocery shopping to do and no refrigerators to clean).

    Get as much done as you can and let that be good enough :)


    1. Hahaha I needed that. Thanks ;-)
      I actually got through most of this list yesterday but did resort to pulling something from the freezer for dinner as I never made it to the grocery store. I had a holiday party to attend last night and just ran out of time.


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