Sunday, August 22, 2010


I just love gloves.

When I worked in London, I always wore gloves in the winter, and remember that the first thing I did every day when I got on the train was to sit down, take off my gloves and place them in my lap.

I don't want to admit how often I forgot to put them back on! But because I lost so many pairs it means that I was always looking out for a new cute pair, and I guess I have never lost the habit.

I just spotted these 3/4 length gloves at Talbots.

A fab find don't you think?


  1. I also noticed these, they look like a worthwhile addition to the drawer, also known as the "what she'll lose next" receptacle. :)

  2. i am a glove nut! first of all, i can't bear for my hands
    to be cold. second, i like the barrier they give me from
    viruses. but last, i just love the idea of them, putting
    them on, taking them off, holding them in my hands.

    now i sound like a freak.

  3. I'm loving a lot of what Talbots has going on this season; these gloves are fantastic!


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